Release Date: 2017.01.02
Genre: Dance, Ballad
Language: Korean
Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps

Shinhwa exudes manly, sexy charisma in the album Touch, the second release of their Unchanging series. The album includes all the songs from Orange and five new powerful jams, namely the title number Touch, Heaven, Super Power, Tonight and Bye Bye Bye.

Track List:
02. TOUCH *Title
06. 우리
07. 오렌지
08. 아는 사이
09. 별

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Size: 85 MB
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Password: k2nblog.com


  • munsekki

    Gosh! so fast! thank you so much! shinhwa san!

  • zeyzey

    Shinhwa is the best!!

    • Jenny

      SO BUY THEIR MUSIC == DON’T DOWNLOAD from here… the album is not expensive… They even upload it on iTunes

      • Paul Dower

        Lol stop trolling everyone and go vent your frustration on your blog or something

  • Klore6

    Thanks so much… u are very faster… thanks so much and Happy New Year.

  • Ale Luiz

    <3 GomawO <3
    Shinhwa really is a group talented and fantastic!!! always bringing for us nice moments!!!

    06. We
    07. Orange
    08. She Said
    09. Star/Like A Star

    • Jenny

      SO BUY THEIR MUSIC == DON’T DOWNLOAD from here… the album is not even expensive…

      • autistic bts fan

        shut up stop spamming this comment, not everyone has money to buy the albums

        • Jenny

          I will not shut up when they share illegal links everywhere. Don’t use the “money” as excuse… everyone can work in this world. Especially when most of them have probably some money, but just want things only free.
          Shinhwa are not from a big agency, they put their own money for this album and promotion !

          • autistic bts fan

            What the fuck do you mean don’t use money as an excuse, you think i’m actually going to fucking buy music with my own money when i can get it for free? Fuck off you fat white whore

          • Cookie Cookie

            No need to fight 🙁 🙁 We are all kpoppers lets respect each other 🙁 Jenny money is not an excuse is a reality, not all of us can afford buying the album, so try to understand. If you can afford it I’m Glad for you, but respect and understand we all live in different forms and have different problems.

          • Hajar!!

            A lot of us buy the physical album you dumb idiot. Plus as customers we need to see if the product is good before buying it.Plus unlike you, many of us don’t even have access to itunes and in my case have to wait over a month to get the album delivered

          • Maria Eduarda Schuh

            Says the wannabe Daddy’s girl… :v
            Since you’re so rich you must have ALL your favorites albums…
            And sorry… But I won’t wait 3/4 months for my album to come, even worse, not all kpop albums are avaible in my country…
            So try to use your brain before talking shit about what is “illegal” or “legal”…
            They don’t even earn all the money from selling on iTunes, most of it goes for Apple…
            SHINHWA is not from a big company? THEY OWN THEIR COMPANY for God’s sake… They have ALL THE PROFITS FOR THEMSELVES because all of them are CEOs there…
            Worry about SM artists that keep earning less than SHINHWA even though they sell more… ¬__¬

      • Ale Luiz

        do you know me? where is written that i don’t buy single/albums? and if i do both, download albums here and to buy them? who is you to said something? you can’t to said to me to buy nothing because you don’t know if i buy or not…

      • kisu

        not everyone can buy the stuff. Many people use the MONEY for more important needs in daily lives. YOU think everyone can get the money, but not all as easy as YOU think. Better you feel grateful for having more than enough MONEY so you can buy their album. And thank u for always supporting Shinhwa. Hope you more understand about life next time


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