[Guide] Download Tips

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[Guide] Download Tips

I. Password for unlock, unrar often be k2nblog.com and it was written in File info

II. About adf.ly I have 3 tips for download it easily

This tips is just for some people have problem in loading adfly link, the best way to download from adfly is wating 5s then click “Skip Ads” button on the right of top

1. Easiest way: Download from another links like embedupload, jumbofiles, rapidshare… (not medaifire links) because I don’t shrink these links, what you have to do is delete “http://adf.ly/89628/” part in the links to skip ads. I think jumbofiles, uptobox, zippyshare are so easy to download (unlimit, good speed…)
For example: “http://adf.ly/89628/http://www.embedupload.com/?d=2NNEIYYILF” delete ” http://adf.ly/89628/” = “http://www.embedupload.com/?d=2NNEIYYILF

2. Disable adblock add-ons on your browser, It blocks you from loading ads (often display a blank page, or stop at “please wait…..” step)

I Think you shouldn’t use adblock plugin. Many site can be live until now because of income from ads (mediafire, zippyshare, jumbofiles….). If all users use adblock, they will don’t have money to pay for all services [Guide] Download Tips

Firefox: use Ctrl + Shift + A or Click on Tool – > Add-ons  to open Add-ons manager page -> click on Extensions tab then find adblock and disable or remove it

Google Chrome: you can click on adblock icon (near adress bar) to pause this plugin or disable,  remove it (click on tool icon -> settings -> extension tab then find adblock and disable or remove it)

[Guide] Download Tips

You also create a custom filter group, I’m trying using adblock plus and I open a “show ads group” add domain adf.ly, j.gs, q.gs to this group and it works fine [Guide] Download Tips

3. Use tool to get direct link from adf.ly http://getlink.s2u.vn/?tool=adf_bit

This tool works fine with all links which were hiden by adf.ly.
For example: http://q.gs/1Tqo5(APink – BUBIBU) when you get link it will display this result:

copy link to adress bar and it will redirect you to mediafire [Guide] Download Tips

Ok, that’s all my tips. if I have more tips, I will update later [Guide] Download Tips

  • ivy

    Please help to re do “Will you marry me” by Lee Seung Gi

  • Ace

    Is there a place we may request something?
    I will ask here, I can not find this anywhere!
    It is by TaeYang and really really want this.
    I honestly cannot find it anywhere and I am afraid of getting a bad virus from the sketchy places.
    Thank you so much K2N!!
    You trully are the best!

  • Piethaloka

    K2nblog…can u please re upload shinee dazzling girl?? thanks before

  • .

    Hi, can I request for the following Oneway’s songs?
    1. 눈이가요
    2. 종이비행기 (Beautiful Day)


  • Ika Santika Dewi

    cara merubah file zip ke mp3 gimana ya ?

  • J

    can’t open some RAR file with 7zip, what program do you use then?

    “7-Zip still doesn’t support new RAR 5 format. 7-Zip supports RAR 2/3/4 formats only.”

  • Marli

    I have this problem where all the download links give me a .rar file and I need mp3… HELPPP

  • http://www.obatkecantikan.com/pemutih-wajah/12-pemutih-wajah-tensung.html pemutih wajah

    smoga sukses slalu suju.

  • Karen Jung

    Please the sugar free (mini album) please!!!! |*-*|

  • c

    please reupload some links, esp infinite’s eps & singles thank you

  • Samantha Vega

    I just found out about WAX . Is there any way you can re-upload her albums?

  • Michelle Lam

    i can’t download the music , everyday like that
    I’m very sad…

  • MEME

    I can’t open rar files on windows 8 so what should I do?

  • newDownloader

    all the video files are now encrypted. How do we decrypt these ??

  • 4everCassinspirit

    TVXQ With album, none of the links is working. I even disabled adp but still it is not redirecting to mediafire?!?!?!?!? What should I do? Same case is with TVXQ Time works wonders?!?!?!?!