[MV] NU’EST – FACE (HD 1080p Youtube)

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[MV] NU'EST - FACE (HD 1080p Youtube)
[MV] NU’EST – FACE (HD 1080p Youtube)

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  • B2ST

    Ran looks so pretty although “he” is a Boy …. 

  • yuchan_87

    Thanks a lot Jesse for Nu’est mv :)

  • Alesanaakfg

    Great song to debut with. I’m loving the MV. :D

  • Chunx~

    Thanks alot!

  • Caihonglujie

    thanks a lot for your work!!

  • Josvel Martin Ponce Jimenez


  • Dyem

    Thank you, Jesse~ I appreciated it so much!

  • Lia Chan

    finally it’s out! Thanks so much.. ^^

  • moodyasari

    Thank you so much :)

  • Mohamad Ikbal

    REN !!

     thanks !!!

  • Anna Gomes

    Frist I was like: OMG! I love the music! *0*
    Then I was going like: WHAT THE HELL IS THAT GIRL???? o.oIn the end became: OMG REN I LOVE YOU!!!  *0* 

    Thanks Jesse *0*
    Now I can see Ren in HD!

  • My_star_001

    its beautiful  thanks

  • koko_1010

    Thank you ^^

  • ara♛


  • myna92

    thank u!

  • Nabi


  • Oliver-Kun

    Love IT!

  • González Juárez Gregorio

    Arigattoooo >u<