[Single] LAY – what U need? (MP3 + iTunes Plus AAC M4A)


레이 (LAY) – what U need?
Release Date: 2016.10.07
Genre: Pop
Language: Mandarin – Chinese
Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps + iTunes Plus AAC M4A

Track List:
01. what U need?

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Size: 9.02 MB
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  • Duda Park

    OMGGGGG Best song in the world…
    Zhang Yixing the best! <3

  • Giffica

    Could you upload EXO Coming Over? Or is it not possible?

  • li.aria0068

    Thank you for uploading!! This song make me very happy. Guys, don’t forget to get your physical copy of Lay’s album soon!

    • Sana Farooq

      Any idea when his physical aalbum will be released? I really really wanna buy it

  • whitie taeyong

    ? Yixing jjang !!

  • KHADhumaira

    can I get Itunes version too please….

  • SuperFan101

    Thank you.

  • Octavia Hawkins

    omg thank you!!

  • pervertoppa

    so is this a pre-release of his debut album (chinese)? or is this just a single??
    with Jolin Tsai the only Chinese singer that i likehear :’D

    • Ale Luiz

      @onepunchfluffypower:disqus pre-release probably, i know almost nothing about C-Pop TT TT but i like Z.Thao ex EXO member and some time ago, 8 months ago i think, i found randomly in internet a nice chinese singer called Han Geng (韩庚) 😛 he have really a nice voice and good songs :))

      • pervertoppa

        Han Geng the ex Suju member?

        • Ale Luiz

          @onepunchfluffypower:disqus hello again my friend, i hope you are having a nice sunday ^.^
          Tired talk to me? lol you said more nothing in our other posts 😛 hmmm well, i don’t know, maybe can be him ^^
          when i found in internet some stuff about him, he has 1 EP (Han Geng Midnight I) and 2 singles (Han Geng Midnight II and Han Geng Midnight III) both stuff from 2015 ^^
          Below EP cover

          • pervertoppa

            No i’m not tired just lil bit lazy :’D I’m sorry I think thats ex-suju member if he also sing Clown Mask (my favorite song) He looks like Jackie Chan lost son he also very popular in China my mum watch very time some c-drama https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/879b33370fb48fa8329345987a3bd07202c6c878f26bdee1dc95a428566ad5a1.jpg

          • Ale Luiz

            @onepunchfluffypower:disqus hello again :DD
            ㅎㅎ lazy, heyy don’t be so lazy, you need to be active, how will you enjoy from BTS comeback? (if you like) :)))
            That guy is being a real mystery for us lol maybe listening both would be easier to kill the mystery 😛
            <3 Jackie Chan <3 HE IS WOW I LOVE HIM MOVIES!!!! he and Jet Li are my favorite actors <333
            Ohh and so your mum is a C-Drama lover? very nice, what about you? :)) you love asian dramas too? 😀

          • pervertoppa

            I’m preparing my Energy for Ladies Code and Mamamoo comeback actually to many good Comebacks this month I’m dead 😀 she loves Asian dramas and I just Kdrama and kshows and some Animes 😀

          • Ale Luiz

            @onepunchfluffypower:disqus well, i’m not really into from Ladies Code and Mamamoo, but i think that will be cool, good comebacks? you mean TONS from NICE COMEBACKS, right? LoLoL i think that october will need to have 60 days instead from 30 to have space to everyone comebacks LOL
            Cool, i hope that cames over and over nice dramas to her to watch 😛
            Oh, animes? that is interesting, i don’t watch anime make a long time TT TT but i like to watch them too :3

          • pervertoppa

            Oct is really nice this year since 2016 don’t really had good cb..

    • Hallyu Town

      if i’m not wrong this is pre-release song, it got released on his birthday for EXO-L

      a bit weird actually since he’s the one who has birthday but he was asking “what u need?” XD

      • pervertoppa

        Thank you :3 I’m wondering that no one say “I need your abs or something like that”

        • Hallyu Town

          they actually want to say something but they afraid that would be inappropriated XD

          • pervertoppa

            ExoL are maybe to shy or to pervert 😀


  • very good (y)

  • (^O^)/

    What download link should i use?

    • Ale Luiz

      @disqus_ZQaX3zeVHH:disqus if you want direct download, use userscloud link, iTunes link (m4a archive) have better quality that mp3 link (mp3 archive), if you use just cellphone to listen songs, you should use iTunes link :))