[Single] Wu Yi Fan (Kris Wu) – JULY (iTunes Plus AAC M4A)


吳亦凡 – JULY
Release Date: 2016.11.04
Genre: Pop
Language: Mandarin – Chinese
Bit Rate: iTunes Plus AAC M4A

Track List:
01. July

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Size: 6.31 MB
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  • omg this shit is hella litttt damn Kris, fuck me up ♥

    • Kwang PrizzY


  • taemin’s magic hands

    2009 called, they want their autotune back.

    • Chinese Ent

      A rat called, they wanted their face back.

      • Paul Dower

        I see a butthurt fan

  • Yeogin Fanboy

    OMG! Thank u.
    hope u always post itunes ver of Kris Wu.
    thank u, xie xie.

  • Ale Luiz

    <3 Xie XiE <3
    To me the song sounds a little Justin Bieber – Sorry, i don't know why, but while i've been listening i've been thinking in sorry song '-' i hate Justin as people but Sorry is 1000 times better, whatever what music is better, just saying and why english? what the hell, why he want sings the song in english -_- i don't understood, always when some asian artist sings some in english, always have 1000 times the question '' why english? '' what is the problem? they need sing forever songs in chinese|korean because they are chineses|koreans? ….

    • oat cookie

      kris actually lived in canada for a while, so he can speak english. if he can speak another language, then he can make a song in that other language, nobody’s stopping him.

      • Ale Luiz

        @disqus_Jhw5pzvZHC:disqus yes, exactly what i said, but you make a short message hehe ^^

    • what are you even trying to say?..

      • Ale Luiz

        @ssdhungary:disqus my comment was simple, what is the problem?
        I said in internet always have a lot people that said ” Kris singing in english? (or any other asian Idol) why? omg, ahhh, not not not ”
        What is the problem about that? if the Idol know english, why not to sing in english?

        • Sarah S

          I get what you are saying but I was reading your first comment and honestly, it looked like you were criticising Kris

    • The problem with your comment was that it was misleading, it sounded as if you were criticizing Kris for singing July in English.

      • Ale Luiz

        Desagree totally, my english is bad, but my comment is clear that i’m not criticizing Kris, if the people know the basic about english would understand what i said.

        • Well, I understand basic English and I still thought that you were criticizing him. I just said what I thought about why people were asking you for explanations.

          • Ale Luiz

            Well, if you think that, sorry, but you don’t have basic english.

          • goGRLambition

            I usually would not criticize someone else’s English especially if it is not their first language, but since you are getting upset with people who let you know that people were asking for clarification since your initial post was misleading (incorrect grammar and all over the place) let me correct it for you as someone who’s first language is English. What you should have wrote is:

            To me this song sounds a little like Justin Bieber’s Sorry. I don’t know why, but while I’ve been listening I’ve been thinking of JB’s Sorry. I hate Justin as a person, but Sorry is 1000 times better. (I think you were trying to philosophical here idk, but its better to switch this whole area around) What is the problem of him singing songs in English? When I see comments on the songs of some Asian artists there are always 1000 questions asking why they have to sing the song in English? Do they have to always sing in Chinese/Korean just because they are Chinese/Korean?

            This would have been easier for others to understand what you were saying.

        • Jinnie

          Sorry, but it isn’t clear. At first it really sounded like you were criticizing him.

          • Ale Luiz

            Hello, well, to me is totally clear what i said, show me where i’m criticizing Kris. Do you know korean? that is cool, i know just some words… TT TT

          • Jinnie

            “To me the song sounds a little Justin Bieber – Sorry, i don’t know why, but while i’ve been listening i’ve been thinking in sorry song ‘-‘ i hate Justin as people but Sorry is 1000 times better, whatever what music is better, just saying” right here.
            I just know a little too.

          • Ale Luiz

            I’m not criticizing Kris, i said only my opnion… i said about the music and not about the people…
            If a person were forbidden to give his own opinion on any subject, the world would never evolve, we would be living to this day in the age of the caves, people need to understand that criticism is one thing and opinion is something else. It seems that on the internet people are all the time wanting to say something wise, to be 100% fantastic, and most of the time they try to create something that does not even exist, just to see what the last guy told me in his commentary, nor did I bother to answer him, he made me laugh a lot actually at his comment.

          • Jinnie

            It isn’t like you aren’t allowed to give your opinion, but the way you did it sounded like you were criticizing him. Plus, the problem was that you couldn’t admit that it could be incomprehensible for some people (and if a lot of people are commenting here it’s because it was incomprehensible for most of us) and was blaming someone’s English skills. If you’re not a native speaker you have to understand that you can make mistakes too (even natives can make some) and most of the times you don’t know you’re wrong. You don’t need to be 100% good in English, just know this 🙂

          • Ale Luiz

            Admit what? I’ve already explained to everyone the situation, Kris can sing his song in whatever language he wants…
            First: about the song was just my opinion, second: i’ve been not criticizing Kris, i’ve been defending him, i said he is free to sing any song in any language, third: the main focus is the Kris and is not about my stupid bad english, is totally clear that my english is horrible, the point is, some people reply my message and they say something, then i explain the situation, and so after that the people don’t have some argument and simply use my ” bad english blablabla history ” to run away of the main focus. I hope everything is now okay and that we do not have to waste any more time with this unnecessary discussion. :))

          • Jinnie

            I’m not sure if you know, but this is going on because of bad comprehension from people which is a result from bad English. You were giving your opinion, but the way you expressed it caused all this situation. So people weren’t “running away” from the main focus when talking about your English.
            But it’s okay, I didn’t wanna fight with you, just wanna explain this and I hope you understand this side too.

          • Ale Luiz

            The main focus is Kris, not my bad english, the people is ” running away ” at the moment that he/she start to speak about some random, should to speak about Kris and not my bad english, the person simply creates a second situation within the main situation thus creating a confusion in order to try to escape the primary situation that itself created but which in fact should not exist since the main situation however has already been explained.
            If the person does not understand my horrible english, simply ignore my comment, it’s super simple if it did not understand my message how could the people argue something or judge me somehow and put me as guilty If it does not even know what I said right?

          • Jinnie

            Oh my Gosh. I don’t think you can understand what I’m trying to say once you keep saying the same thing again and again. So I’ll just stop here and let you think that we’re all wrong. Bye.

          • Ale Luiz

            I’m repeating same thing all the time and you too, we are both in the point 0.

        • Kezia

          I understand your point. You think that Sorry by Justin Bieber is better than Kris’ new single. But, although Justin Bieber – Sorry is 1000 times better than Kris – July, Kris has his own rights to release the music that he likes. Kris also has his own rights to use English lyrics (since many korean netizens were insulting Kris because his new single, July, is written and sang in English).

          • Ale Luiz

            lol do you really follow what korean netizens said? they are completely stupid people, and they can say nothing about Kris singing in English, is not he Chinese? why are stupid Koreans bothering him? … just forget Korean netizens… :)) and you don’t understood my point, maybe 50% only XD because i’m not criticizing Kris by to sing in English, i’m actually criticizing stupid netizens taht don’t want to see him singing in English 😀

        • Kezia

          The problem is, you don’t state your opinion well. You mixed pro and cons of the song in one paragraph. I think that’s probably why some users asked if you criticize him in your first comment. I’m also not good in English, let me know if i’m wrong.

    • Lexie 재민/소망

      Hmm…I’ve read through this comment several times and I just can’t understand what you are saying. Are you asking why he (and other Asian artists) make(s) songs in English or are you saying that netizens are always asking this question? Really just trying to understand your comment 🙁

      • Ale Luiz

        The situation is super simple, i’m not criticizing Kris, i’m criticizing stupid netizens…. i said always when an asian artist make some song in english a lot stupid netizens said ” why the song is in english? ” my comment is totally clear …. ” why english? what the hell, why he want sings the song in english ” more clear impossible.

  • Micky

    KRIS (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Thanks ^-^

  • thanks..

  • Paul Dower

    Again the autotune just sucks out any emotion Kris had in this song… SMH

  • Tasya Adinda

    why i can’t access the link? 🙁 can somebody help me to make that work?:(

  • 김태형

    mp3 ver?

  • Sukyeong Na

    Do you have mp3 version?